Commonly Asked Questions

1.  Do you ever work on a contingency fee basis?  In other words, do you get paid only if the grant gets funded?

Answer:   RJMA begins expending its resources on the day we begin work with a client.  As such, we cannot underwrite the cost of these resources based upon the anticipated actions of grant makers.  Similarly, we prepare the very best grant proposals possible; the final outcome of each grant application is out of RJMA’s control.  Lastly, if RJMA could charge on a contingency basis, it is reasonable to assume that, as in the legal profession, we would expect to be paid as much as one-third the value of the entire grant.  Grant makers would not approve such expenditure from its awarded dollars.

2. Can your fee be included or recovered from an approved grant?

Answer:  Yes, but not directly.  RJMA will endeavor to include in each submitted grant budget items of expense in the client’s overall operating budget that it has already set aside funds to underwrite.  When approved in the grant, these designated funds are released for the client to use any way it chooses – including the payment of grant-seeking fees to RJMA.

3. What is your success rate? 

Answer While not every grant proposal prepared by RJMA is successful, we submit each proposal to multiple funding sources – thereby enhancing its eventual funding.  From a total client perspective, we consider our services to be successful when we return ten times the total fees paid to us in approved grants over a one year period.  We are happy to say that we accomplish this for most of our clients.

4. How can we know that you will be successful with us?
Answer:  While we cannot be absolutely certain of our success with any given client, our reputation and, in fact, our entire future is entirely dependent upon our track record.  We simply will not engage a client if we believe that their unique circumstances would prevent us from securing grants on their behalf.  If we have any doubts in this regard, we would propose that we perform an onsite grants development feasibility study (described elsewhere on this site) prior to commencing our work with that client.

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