A Word About Fees

Robert J. Miller & Associates, Inc.’s 40 years of successful grant seeking experience enables us to rapidly match unique funding needs with the precise giving interests of federal and state grant making agencies as well as the nation’s nearly 80,000 private and corporations.

Similarly, we have developed grant writing formulae that rapidly translate complex needs into concise and compelling grant proposal and related application materials.

All of this translates to the lowest grants development consultation costs possible.  In fact, when compared with employing a full-time grant writer, can produce greater proposal development output and ultimate success at one-half the annual cost.

RJMA fees are based either on a flat-retainer basis for our comprehensive grants development services, where we undertake ALL of a client’s grant seeking activities, or on an hourly rate for our many individualized services, with a not-to-exceed cost quoted before our work begins.  In this regard, most of our non-grant related services to the health care community are quoted on an hourly basis.


Commonly Asked Questions:

Can RJMA fees be paid from the grants we secure on your behalf?

Answer:No.RJMA supports and follows the ethical standards of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and the Grant Professionals Association. We never work on a commission or contingency fee basis (payment only if the grant is funded), nor are we allowed to build our fee into most grants. (Several laws and regulations prohibit this in most cases.)

Can we be guaranteed that our investment in RJMA services will be successful?

Answer:  RJMA carefully considers the engagement of each client we serve.  Whether readily apparent from the beginning or following our completion of an Onsite Grants Development Feasibility Study, we work ONLY with clients that we sincerely believe we can achieve ultimate grant seeking success.  While we can make no guarantees because of a number of uncontrollable variables, we can assure you the best possible chances of grant seeking success.

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