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How to Get a Free Grant Writer for Your Business?
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Grant writing refers to the practice of completing an application process for funding provided by an institution such as government departments, corporation, foundation or trust. Such application processes are often referred to as either grant “proposals” or “submissions”, and the people engaged in this type of work are known as Grant Writers. Nowadays, many grants development service organization has come up but, the most trusted and authentic grant consulting and fundraising organization that has been serving the public for the last 40 years is the RJMA.

Services provided/offered by RJMA:

  1. Primary and Secondary Education:

This category involves:

  1. Comprehensive grant development services.
  2. Single grant proposal preparation.
  3. Customized funding searches.
  4. Grant proposal review and editing.
  5. Feasibility study.
  6. Post grant award Follow-up services.
  7. Strategic planning assistance.
  8. Healthcare services:

This category involves:

  1. HRSA and hospital grants development.
  2. Strategic planning.
  3. Needs assessments.
  4. HRSA operational site visit preparation.
  5. Independent provider association (IPA) development.

RJMA also provides a subscription alert to order monthly educational grants.

RJMA’s staff of experienced grant consultants and fundraising specialists has a proven track record of success. Each member of the RJMA team is committed to present their clients grant seeking and fundraising needs to the giving community in the most convincing manner possible.

One of the famous sentences quoted by Sir Albert Einstein is that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different outcome.”

If an individual’s aim is to generate additional operating revenues, then he/she must do something different than that he/she has done in the past.

By engaging with RJMA, an individual will be pursuing something different, something new, something tested, and something true.

Grants development services:

RJMA assigns a professional grant consultant specialist to each client based upon his or her unique combination of skills and experiences. That specialist serves as a “team leader” who coordinates RJMA’s various resources in support of that client.

  • Comprehensive grants development services.
  • Single grant proposal development.
  • Customized funding searches.
  • Grant proposal review and editing.
  • Onsite grants development feasibility study.
  • Post grant award Follow-up services.
  • Strategic planning assistance.

Recent awarded grants by RJMA:

  • NJ Department of Human Services for Community-based Falls Prevention Program (NJ Hospital) — $12,000.
  • USDA Telemedicine Equipment to serve rural communities (MS Hospital) — $228,260.
  • NY Department of Education for Program Development to prepare students with disabilities to exit school with work readiness skills (NY Public School) — $350,005.
  • TD Charitable Foundation for “Happy Healthy Me” a pre-school/kindergarten nutrition education program (NJ Hospital) — $15,000.

How RJMA works?

RJMA begins its work with a new client by first scheduling an onsite meeting at the client’s location where RJMA’s associates meet with the client’s leadership. The purpose this meeting is to attain an accurate understanding of the client’s funding objectives. It is here where RJMA begins to develop the work plan that will guide all future grant seeking activities.

RJMA then reviews the client’s strategic plan to identify grant fundable goals and action plans to achieve those goals. If the strategic plan is not available or has not been recently updated, RJMA assigns its strategic plan specialist to work with the client to bring it up to date.

RJMA reviews the client’s past grant seeking experiences to identify all funding sources that it has already approached. With this information, RJMA begins to build list of potential funding sources. They start with local funding sources and then move on public and private sources at the regional, statewide, and national levels.

The final piece in the initial client start-up procedure is to select which of two possible overall grant seeking strategies will best serve the client. One of those two possible strategies is based upon the economic characteristics of the client. The other strategy is based upon the quality of services being delivered by the client. Selecting the best strategy is paramount to overall grant seeking success.

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