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Grant Writing Help – Checklist for Successful Proposals
Posted on March 1st, 2016 by admin

Any business proposals mean listing the underlying principle for need of funding, mentioning the benefits by means of funding. All these aspects needs to be thoroughly looked at before the start of any business. Any deficiency at any part of the proposal for funding might well result in the disapproval of some terms by the grant approving committee or even sometimes rejection of the proposal itself. In order to avoid such circumstances, it becomes imperative that through well researched proposals are written. At such time professional help can be of great use and that is where RJMA comes into picture.

About RJMA

Founded in 1976 by Robert Miller, a former management analyst with US Department of Defence and also grant advisor for US Department for Health and Human Services. He has also served and made the country proud by playing various roles in the US Army and also in the Vietnam War.

During the federal tenure, Mr. Miller worked as grant advisor specialist overlooking grants over $150 million annually. He was also a prime figure in designing the Healthcare system of US as we see today.

After his federal tenure, Mr. Miller brought in the most experienced grant writers to form RJMA which was co-incidentally the first consulting firm in US which specialised in advising grant development proposals. RJMA has a public database of over 70,000 private and corporate foundations along with connections with government and federal grant approving agencies.

Today, RJMA is well known throughout US as the specialist in helping institutions to acquire grants and advise them on matters of grant approval writing. It is headquartered in Buffalo, US. The firm has a rich history of generating over $500 million as grants over its 36 years of existence.

Services offered by RJMA

RJMA mainly caters to two main categories i.e.

  • Education sector
  • Healthcare sector

Let us look at some of the important to do things while writing a Grant Proposal, rather a Successful one. The worksheet will mainly include column wise

  1. A Set of Questions
  2. Current status of the asked question
  3. Level of improvement needed
  4. Resources needed to accomplish it
  • The first important aspect is knowing the credibility of the organisation and its credibility in the outside world. Many internal and external affairs of the organisation needs to be looked at and reviewed. If the vision of the concerned organisation is in tandem with the idea of improving the organisational aspects, then the grant approving committee can make better decisions at hand.
  • The second important aspect before preparing a grant proposal is to ascertain whether all the required documentation is present in writing. Also the institutions future goals and vision should be well documented in physical form.
  • All the financial aspects of the organisation are well reviewed and looked at. Also this also involves understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a organisation i.e. using a SWOT analysis.
  • The next aspect involves having a clear cut idea on the spending of the grant in written form. Also it involves delegating some responsible officers who will represent the organisation and will be held accountable for its actions.
  • Well researching about the funder and his underlying principles. A through research about the funding organisation goes a long way in acquiring the grant.
  • Preparing a solid team which will pitch for the grant and which gives timely project reports so that the organisation in kept in touch about the developments.

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