How RJMA Works

RJMA begins its work with a new client by first scheduling an onsite meeting at the client’s location where our associates meet with the client’s leadership team.  The primary purpose of this meeting is to attain an accurate understanding of the client’s funding objectives.  It is here where RJMA begins to develop the work plan that will guide all future grant- seeking activities.

RJMA then reviews the client’s strategic plan to identify grant fundable goals and action plans to achieve those goals.  If the strategic plan is not available or has not been recently updated, RJMA assigns its strategic plan specialist to work with the client to bring it up to date.

Next, RJMA reviews the client’s past grant- seeking experiences to identify all funding sources that it has already approached.  With this information, RJMA begins to build a list of potential funding sources. We start with potential local funding sources and then move on to public and private sources at the regional, statewide, and national levels.

The final piece in the initial client start-up procedure is to select which of two possible overall grant-seeking strategies will best serve the client.  One of these two possible strategies is based upon the economic characteristics of the client.  The other strategy is based upon the quality of services being delivered by the client.  Selecting the best strategy is paramount to overall grant-seeking success.

The Grant-Seeking Cycle Begins

With a clear understanding of the client’s mission, goals, and action plans, RJMA begins to assess the client’s grant fundable needs.  It then works with client staff to identify proposed solutions for each identified need.

Once this step is complete, RJMA matches those needs and solutions with all potential funding sources.  Where good matches are found, RJMA prepares letters of intent for submission to each identified funding source.  These letters of intent are prepared on the client’s letterhead stationery and are signed by an authorized representative of the client.

Next, RJMA begins preparing full proposals for submission to each funding source that responded favorably to a previously submitted letter of intent.  In doing this, RJMA associates work closely with the client staff by phone and e-mail to capture the essence of the proposed project.  RJMA writes the proposal narrative, completes all of the required forms, and assembles the final budget and budget narrative.

The completed proposal is returned to the client in draft form for final edits and approval.  RJMA then prepares the proposal in final form for review, signature, and mail-out by the client.

This process is repeated for each identified need and proposed solution until, eventually; all of the client’s funding needs have been addressed.  Typically, RJMA will complete 8 to 14 uniquely different proposals over the course of a year.

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