RJMA Services

RJMA provides a full range of services designed specifically to secure additional operating and capital development revenue for our client organizations.  These services include:

1. Onsite grants development feasibility studies.
2. Single grant proposal preparation.
3. Comprehensive grants development services.
4. Post-grant award follow-up services.

RJMA assigns a professional grant writing specialist to each client based upon his  or her unique combination of skills and experience.  That specialist serves as a “team leader” who coordinates RJMA’s various resources in support of that client.

RJMA performs all of the funding source research, secures the necessary application materials, prepares all of the narrative documentation, assembles proposals in final format, and submits each to the targeted funding source(s).

Each service is adjusted to the unique needs and requirements of every client served.  Fees are based upon documented time and effort devoted to each service and are competitively set to ensure the lowest possible cost to the client.

RJMA’s future is determined solely by our ability to generate substantially more dollars for the client than we charge in fees.  Our nearly 40 years of continuous client service is a testimony to our success. We use our own aircraft to help bridge the distances between our home office and client locations.  This, coupled with modern communications technologies, removes the distance barriers formerly associated with out-of-state clients.

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