Strategic Planning Assistance

Today’s grant makers are looking for solutions to not only the problems being addressed by grant seeking organizations, but also to the biggest problem facing nearly all grant seeking organizations: how will the grant recipient achieve long-term financial stability?

In this rapidly changing world, grant seeking organizations continually need to assess their futures.  They need to ask basic questions like, “Is our mission changing?” or “Have we lost sight of our vision?” or “Are we delivering the best possible range of services?”   Equally important, they must continually examine their business plan.  Do they have more money coming in than going out?  If not, they certainly must address the steps they plan to take to reverse this negative cash flow or deficit funding situation.

If grant makers do not have a clear picture of the grant seeker’s answer to each of these questions, the likelihood of receiving grants is close to nil.

Providing these answers is precisely what the grant seeker’s strategic plan is supposed to do.  If the strategic plan is complete and up to date, each of these questions will be answered and likely to the satisfaction of all potential grant makers.  If, on the other hand, the strategic plan is absent or out of date, these answers will not be readily apparent and grant makers will deliver their grant support elsewhere.

What RJMA Does

We have experienced strategic planning experts on our staff who can quickly come in and help to either create or update our clients’ strategic plans.  Whether we are simply reviewing an existing strategic plan or facilitating a several day strategic planning retreat, RJMA can bring your strategic plan to life in ways that will generate an ongoing, predictable flow of new grants into your organization. 

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