Writing a Grant Proposal the Easy Way
Writing a Grant Proposal the Easy Way
Posted on March 1st, 2016 by admin

Writing a Grant Proposal is by no means a mean task, as many aspects have to be included in the grant proposal. Also it involves not putting bluntly any random stuff. Meaningful stuff which helps and makes the grant approving organisation to make a note of the grant proposal and ultimately approving the grant are some effective signs of a well written grant proposals.

Hereby we will mention some easy to follow guidelines which will make the task of writing a grant proposal much more easier and at the same time will increase your chances of securing the grant.

Easy to follow guidelines

To have your grant proposal approved by the concerning authorities, do well through research on the subject you are seeking grant in and do collect all info beforehand. Also don’t forget to follow these guidelines which will make the process of building a grant proposal much easier and much more effective in very less time:

1. Use a storytelling approach

The most important aspect of your grant proposal is to write in such a manner that is in captivating and keeps the reader hooked onto the application. Use the storytelling mode to do this. Support the relevant matter with statistics. However avoid the use of too much statistics as it will just piss of the reader and he might well get lost in the world of numbers.  Try to keep the grant proposal engaging focusing on the positive aspects of funding and not too monotonous.

2. Try to incorporate a real case study

If possible try to incorporate some real life problems and to relate real incidents, which your organisation has solved in the past years. Explain how you solved the problem for client and what impact did it have on the problems of the client. Also mention how the client actually bragged about the positive aspects of your solution to others. Make sure to keep the name of the company confidential for obvious reasons. Try to show the need for real problem solving.

3. Make use of dictionaries and Thesauruses

Periodically keep on improving the language of your proposal by incorporating words from dictionaries and thesauruses. Try to replace lengthy and compound sentences by using their synonyms. These sends the message that you mean for your business.

4. Avail services of government funding agencies

Obtain copies of fund granted applications under the FIA act. These copies can then be reviewed and be used as models for designing your grant proposal.

5. Write in short, hard hitting sentences

Always try to write in a neat, concise manner. Reveal only as much information as is needed by the grant approval committee for funding and no more. Long sentences will make the readers lose interest in reading and thus making them miss the important points about the proposal.

6. Hire professional help

Even though one can easily write a grant proposal, it is always advisable to take professional help in this matters. These professionals have loads of experience in writing these grant proposals. Also they make note of all important points which needs to be included while writing such applications. Hence there are greater chances of your grant proposal being accepted. This is where RJMA comes to your help.

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