Onsite Grants Development Feasibility Study

While most nonprofit organizations and public entities are entitled to receive grants, some organizations can make a far more competitive case for grant support than others. The strength of an organization’s competitive grant-seeking strategy is based upon many factors. Some of these competitive factors include the organization’s mission, socio-economic characteristics of its target population, previous grant- seeking experience, and board and staff vision.

RJMA has designed a unique onsite grants development feasibility study that quickly and efficiently assesses an organization’s overall competitive grant-seeking strength. The study examines 15 different aspects of an organization that grant makers consider when reviewing submitted grant proposals.

Each aspect is scored on a scale of 1 to 5. The resultant aspect scores are totaled, and then compared with the scores of other RJMA clients served over the past decade.

From this, RJMA is able to identify an organization’s competitive grant-seeking strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, we are able to offer recommendations on ways to minimize the client’s competitive grant-seeking weaknesses and maximize its strengths. Lastly, RJMA is able to predict with a high level of certainty the total level of grant support that an organization can reasonably expect over the 12 to 24 months following the implementation of an RJMA-designed grants development strategy.

Study findings are returned to the client in a 15 to 20 page narrative document.

The cost of the onsite grants development feasibility study is $2,900. RJMA will credit the cost of this study to organizations that retain RJMA’s full range of grants development services.

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