Grant Proposal Review and Editing

There are two sure-fire “deal killers” when it comes to getting your proposal approved.  The first is the presence of typos, spelling errors, and grammar mistakes. The second is the failure to follow the grant maker’s application instructions. If you eliminate either or both of these possible errors in your submitted proposals, your chances of successful funding are greatly enhanced.

Robert J. Miller & Associates, Inc. would be pleased to review your proposal before you submit it to the grant maker.  Our team of professional grant writers can quickly scan your proposal, ensuring that it is both grammatically correct and is organized precisely the way the grant maker wishes to see it.

Our fast turn-around services enables us to return your reviewed and edited proposal back to you within just one to two working days.  Simply send it to us as an email attachment (  We will take a quick look at it, then quote you a fee before committing to do the work.

Do not take chances with your work.  Have it professionally reviewed before submitting to the grant maker!

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