RJMA provides a unique series of staff and board training opportunities that include onsite, hands-on seminars, internet-based webinars, and one-on-one mentoring.  Each training opportunity is designed to enhance the grant seeking capacity of the client organization by sharing with board and staff members the keys to creating a predictable flow of grants from both government and private foundation sources.

Each training session is tailored to the specific learning objectives of participants and is scaled to accommodate both beginning grant writers and experienced grant seekers looking to advance their skills.  Similarly, each training session addresses the unique grant seeking perspectives of board members, staff, and volunteers to ensure that each participant is equipped with the grant seeking skills they need to function effectively in their respective organizational capacities.

RJMA grant training sessions are designed to fit both your schedule and your budget.  Onsite sessions range from one-half day to multi-day sessions targeting any number of participants that can be accommodated in the meeting facility.  Similarly, internet-based webinars range from one to three hours depending upon the topics to be covered.

You select the topic(s) that best suit the needs of your organization.  You can mix and match any of the topics below and create new topics to be included in your training session(s).  Your RJMA instructor will conform your selected topics to the available time in each training session.

Understanding the Mind of the Grant Maker – “You get grants because you meet needs, not because you have needs.”

The are over 85,000 Private Foundations – How do I fine the foundations that will support my organization.

The Perfect Proposal – “I apologize for writing you a six page letter.  I did not have time to write a postcard.” ~ Mark Twain.

Selecting the Correct Grant Seeking Strategy – Needs of the poor vs. excellence.

The Committee Approach to Grant Seeking – Who does what, when, where, and how?

The Find Art of Budget Making – Budgets that help to tell your story.

Taking the Mystery Out of Federal Grants – Cutting through the bureaucracy.

Articulating the Problem Statement – Whose problem is it anyway?

Proposed Methodology – Explaining how your project will unfold.

Project Synergy – Developing grant seeking partnerships that really work.

Project Evaluation – How do we know if we will be successful?

The Background Statement – Character and competence of the applicant.

The One Person Grants Office – Doing more with less.

On-site Training  
One-half Day Session: $990 plus travel
Full-day Session: $1,900 (per day) plus travel

Internet-based Webinar Training
First Hour: $400
Each additional hour: $200

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